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About Jo 


Hi! I'm Jo. I am a qualified Primary School teacher, with fifteen years experience in the education sector. Much as I loved my time in the classroom, there was always another calling, not quite in reach, which I knew would make itself known eventually, but for which I didn't yet have a name! Turns out, it was teaching of a sort: Yoga Teacher!

It feels like I've always attended Yoga classes in one way shape or form. At university I joined my first class, only to leave early because I couldn't stop giggling! A couple of years later, I graduated and went to a health spa as a treat for making it through my studies (thanks, Dad). The class I attended there was very different from the first and I had what can only be described as an epiphany. The mixture of breathing exercises, gentle stretches and guided visualisation made me emotional in an entirely different way and I stumbled out at the end, elated, calm, in tears and beaming all at once! I was hooked for life. 

Whilst training to be a teacher I would take out Yoga videos from the local library and listen to meditation CDs I borrowed from friends. My practice wasn't particularly dedicated: I'd do Yoga every day for three weeks, then forget it for a few months, returning when my workload threatened to swallow me up. Somehow, somewhere inside me, I always knew that what I needed in times of stress was a good stretch and everything would be ok. 

As my career took off and I said yes to more and more responsibility Yoga became a once a week event which I looked forward to more often than not, occasionally avoided if I was just too busy and learnt to view as a friend I visited regularly and took joy from being with. This continued for some time, until, in around 2008 I felt burnt out, over stressed, permanently fearful and generally unwell. 

A friend recommended Reiki and I dutifully took myself off for a 'treatment', thinking it was some kind of massage! It restored me and I went back into life full of gusto, zeal and good health....for about a fortnight. So I booked to go again. And again. And again. Until, after a slow, but wonderful journey I started to see that a once a week drop in to 'top myself up', be that in a Yoga class, or receiving Reiki, simply wasn't enough. I needed to incorporate these things into my life as cornerstones, not touchstones. 

This commitment to my holistic well being saw me train to teach Yoga in 2014 and be 'attuned' to Reiki in 2010. A string I've added to my healing bow more recently is Indian Head Massage. All three bring me great joy. I'm also enjoying the magical mystery tour that is working with Crystals and qualify soon as a therapist.

It took courage to leave formal education. I love children and many of the colleagues I worked with are friends for life. The community around me were encouraging and supportive and yet, that environment, with it's targets, fast pace and never ending call for improvement, achievement and evidencing, simply didn't serve who I really am: a slow moving, meditative, creative individual thirsty for 'freedom'!

So here I am. A Yoga teacher and healer with just as much passion and drive as I ever had, only now I meditate every day and have only my Yogis to answer to. Life is good! Thanks for visiting - hope to see you soon!