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Yoga Classes     


Yoga Classes


Via Zoom at 11:30am

45mins to refresh you and set you up for the week

£5pp via ClassFit App - search The Breathe in Space to book and pay

Via Zoom at 7:30pm

45mins Hatha to relax and ready you for the week! Yoga Nidra and Reiki included!

£10pp via ClassFit App - search The Breathe in Space to book and pay

From SOO Yoga, Sol Central

5:45pm-6:45pm £8 to drop in (book via SOO app) Reiki, Yin and Nidra - via their Soo Yoga App


Via Zoom at 6:45pm

45mins beginners Yoga and Meditation for Teens!

£5pp via Class Fit App - search The Breathe in Space to book and pay


Via Zoom at 7:30pm

45mins to get you over the midweek hump!

£5pp via ClassFit App - search The Breathe in Space to book and pay

Chair Yoga available on VIP Yoga Group, FB - contact me to book in £10 x1 session or £30 for the month unlimited access


Via Zoom at 7:30pm

45mins Yin to relax and restore you - Yoga Nidra and Yin included!

£5pp via ClassFit App - search The Breathe in Space to book and pay

Chair Yoga - 


When mobility levels drop, through age, ill health, weight changes, or otherwise, sometimes it's best to leave the mat to take a seat and work from there! Chair yoga offers many of the benefits of floor based yoga, including a connection with the breath, gentle exercise for our joints and a good stretch. 'I find it difficult to get up and down with floor Yoga. It spoils the enjoyment and makes me a bit dizzy and breathless. It's easier to rest and relax sitting on a chair. We still get a good workout! We do weight bearing and balance as well as stretching. I leave feeling really good.' Audrey, 80. Attend once a week at my community class, or book me to attend your care facility/home. Carers attend free. 

Pregnancy Yoga

Available in blocks of Six enquire for pricing and times

A pregnant body is changing all the time and some of these changes can prove overwhelming! Pregnancy yoga helps us reconnect to our inner self, to soothe and calm our nerves at this highly emotive time, and to keep our bodies moving for our - and baby's! - overall well being. Classes are gentle, soothing and you don't need any prior experience to attend.

Booking is ESSENTIAL so please contact me for more information.

What is Yin Yoga? - 

ALL yoga stems from the Hatha practice, which aims to lengthen and strengthen our muscles. The pace of the class and the length of time we hold each 'asana' (posture) depends on the teacher and the attendee's level of ability.

Yin yoga has sprung up from a recognition in the field that we in the west are often taking things to their extreme for our bodies and yoga is starting to look more like gymnastics! Yin, then, is about slowing things right down, paring them back and achieving stillness in our minds -the ultimate aim of all Yogis. It is all floor based, so some mobility is needed, and all poses are held for longer than usual, which stimulates the connective tissue in the body, rather than simply the muscles. Highly recommended if you: lead a fast paced life, already attend high impact sports/exercise classes, suffer with early onset arthritis, have ME or fibromyalgia.