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Crystal   Healing 



Crystal healing is a soothing, gentle treatment suitable for all ages with very few contraindications. It helps the recipient to feel revitalised, rebalanced and relaxed. Treatments are received over the clothes, lying on a treatment couch*. 

Crystals come from the Earth and each resonates with its own unique energy from the place it was formed. When utilised for crystal therapy, these energies mingle with our own and activate healing for mind, body and soul, rebalancing the systems of our body and leaving us feeling great!

There are several options available, depending on your needs and preferences:

Crystal Massage: performed over the clothes, using palm stones. A great introduction to Crystals, or as a way to relieve toxic build up/stress & improve physical well being. 

Your investment: £25 for 30mins

Chakra balance: crystals are placed on the energy centres of the body from head to feet to rebalance energy blockages, soothe and realign you. 

Your investment: £30 for 45-60mins

Intuitive combination healing: Reiki, crystals, massage and more - whatever I pick up that you need incorporated into your hour and a half long session to uplift and heal you on every level.

Your investment: £60 for 1.5hrs

*NB treatments can be adapted to suit your needs and in extenuating circumstances I can visit you in your own home.